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How to Play Pulijudam

Pulijudam is a game much like Fox and Geese out of India. Also known as Tigers and Lambs, it is an asymmetrical game played on the intersections of a triangular board. There are 3 tiger pieces and 15 lamb pieces.

Phase 1: Place the Pieces


  • The Tiger player places their pieces as the diagram shows.
  • The Lamb player takes the remaining 15 pieces

Phase 2: Move the Pieces

  • The Lamb player starts and places a piece on any empty point.
  • The Lamb player can not move any pieces until all 15 pieces are placed on the board.
  • The Tiger player can move one space to an adjacent point.
  • When the Lamb player can move a piece, it also can move to any adjacent point.
  • The Tiger player can capture a single lamb by jumping over it onto an unoccupied point.
  • Lambs can not jump over/capture tigers.

The Lambs win if it traps the tigers so they can no longer move.
The Tigers win if they capture all the lambs.