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Quick Thoughts on The Way of Tori Shogi

I just finished The Way of Tori Shogi by Dave Brandl and Bill Croke and wanted to jot down a few quick thoughts about it.

  • This is a good introduction to Tori Shogi.
  • It’s short and casual but also has a lot of depth for serious players.
  • It’s really nice to see books dedicated to Shogi variants.
  • The book is written through the lens of Miyamoto Musashi (a 17th century philosopher and swordsman) writings.
  • I generally liked the format but it felt too philosophical or poetic at times.
  • The $20 price tag was a bit high for such a thin hardback book. I would have preferred a $10 paperback.
  • Overall, it was a nice book to add to my library.