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My Top Threes

I was thinking about my favourite games and what my “Top Ten” list would look like. Spoiler Alert: I couldn’t come up with the list because there are so many games I like for different reasons.

So I decided to came up with a “Top Threes” list in different categories. Some categories are simply games produced by some of my favourite independent game publishers, others are just games I like to play with my kids. Not all are purely abstract strategy games, but many are. I hope you reading the list as much a I enjoyed putting it together.

Hnefatafl Variants:

  1. Brandub (7x7)
  2. Tablut (9x9)
  3. Fetlar Hnefatafl

Historic/Ancient (not Hnefatafl):

  1. Backgammon
  2. Royal Game of Ur
  3. Go

Kid Friendly:

  1. JamSumo by Cubiko Games
  2. Hippos and Crocodiles by Nestorgames
  3. Ice Dice by Looney Labs

Chess Variants (regional and/or modern):

  1. Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess)
  2. Plunder Chess
  3. Makruk

Logy Games:

  1. Safari-Dual
  2. Most Honest
  3. Chameleon


  1. Sleepers
  2. Tetrarchia
  3. Garden of Mars

Vintage 3M Bookshelf Games:

  1. Break Thru
  2. Twixt
  3. Feudal

Modern Abstract (after 1900’s):

  1. Tak
  2. Hive
  3. Camelot