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Postcard Challenge

I created a side project for myself to design some micro games. I randomly drew 7 boards on postcards with the intention of designing a game for each one over 7 days. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one a day, but it’s a good starting point. Having the framework keeps me encouraged. I don’t necessarily have high expectations of the games and think of them more as first drafts. The exercise is also a way for me to overcome my shyness of just pulling the trigger on these things. It’s true when they say, perfection is the enemy of done.

postcard challenge progress

I also built a website to encourage anyone else if interested. In the website, I describe a process where you can share your games (or the progress of your game design) on social media. I drew this inspiration from the Inktober challenge. I hope you able to give it a try and have a little fun in the process.