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44 Etsy Sales

Rich Games is not only a hobby site, but it is also hobby business. I haven’t focused on it as much lately, but I enjoy making board games via pyrography (wood burning) and have sold 44 sets to date on Etsy. I definitely don’t make a profit on these games (especially if you consider my labor), but I enjoy the creative process. It’s fun to look back on the sets and I’d thought I share the numbers on what games sold.

3 Men’s Morris: 2
5 Men’s Morris: 1
9 Men’s Morris: 2
Puluc: 2
Yote: 1
Pulijudam: 1
Five Lines: 2
French Military Game: 1
Royal Game of Ur: 13
Fanorona: 2
Senet: 1
Seega: 2
Hnefatafl/Brandub (7x7): 5
Hnefatafl (9x9): 5
Hnefatafl (11x11): 2
Shut the Box: 1
Fox & Geese: 1

The Royal Game of Ur by far has been my best selling game with Hneftafl variants taking 2nd and 3rd place. I attribute the success of the Royal Game of Ur with the play through that came out with Tom Scott vs. Irving Finkel for International Tabletop Day in 2017. It’s a great video and garnered a lot of attention for this ancient little gem.

Hnefatafl games (all variants) make up 12 of the 44, which calculate to 27%. The Morris games (3, 5 & 9) make up 11% of total sales.

I’m not sure if these are really fair comparisons since I made varying amounts of each game but it’s interesting to see how all the numbers break down.

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