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How to Play Puluc

Puluc finds its origins from Central America, played by the Ketchi people who are said to be descendants of the Mayans. It is traditionally played with corn husks and is a wonderful ancient filler game. Much of the game relies on luck, but it is a strangely satisfying game that often times can end in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Setup the Board


Each player places their pieces on their respective home bases at the end of the board.

Step 2: Learn the Throws

There are 4 casting sticks or tokens that dictate movement of pieces.
Binary dice or coins would work as well.

After throwing the casting sticks/tokens/dice the value of the movement is as follows:

  • 1 marked side up, move 1 space.
  • 2 marked sides up, move 2 spaces.
  • 3 marked sides up, move 3 spaces.
  • 4 marked sides up, move 4 spaces.
  • 4 blank sides up, move 5 spaces.

Step 3: Learn the Rules

  • Player that throws the highest value start first.
  • Players alternate throwing the casting tokens and moving one of their pieces.
  • Players may move a piece from their home base onto the track or a piece that is already on the track forward (assuming it’s not captured).
  • Players can not land on top of their own piece.
  • If a player’s piece lands on an opponent’s, it is now captured and moves as 1 unit.
  • If a captured stack moves into the opponent’s home base. The opponent pieces are removed from the board and the player put their piece back on their home base to start on the track again.
  • It is not allowed to capture an opponent in their home base (i.e. pieces that are not on the track yet).
  • Captured pieces can be “captured back” by landing on them.

The first player to captured all their opponents pieces wins.