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Photoblog: Making a Senet-Ur Board

Senet-Ur is a hybrid of two ancient games by A4 Games. As its name suggests, it combines the rules and board layout from both Senet and the Royal Game of Ur. I actually quite like the name “Senet-Ur” because it makes me want to pronounce it like “senator.”

Like the beginning of any game, I started with the grid layout.
Making a Senet-Ur Board 1

I then continue with the square designs.
Making a Senet-Ur Board 2 Making a Senet-Ur Board 3

Once done, I coated the board with 3 layers of sanding sealant and polished with beeswax. The pieces and casting tokens are also hand rubbed with beeswax. The brown pieces are stained with several layers of coffee.
Making a Senet-Ur Board 4

I had some issues with the board not quite sitting flat so I added some tripod style legs. This ensures the board will not wobble (unless you press down hard on a corner).
Making a Senet-Ur Board 4 I was quite happy with how the set turned out and even more happy to play a few rounds. I love the creativity of combining two ancient games to produce something that is unique yet familiar.