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How to Play Five Men's Morris

Five Men’s Morris is a merels game from Europe. It also almost identical to Six Men’s Morris which only differs by the fact that each player gets an extra piece. Diagrams of the board have been found in 16th century manuscripts.

Phase 1: Place the Pieces

Five Men's Morris

  • Each player gets 5 pieces and take turns placing them on the board with the intention of trying to make 3 in a row.
  • Pieces should be placed on any place where there is an intersection of lines (corners included).

Phase 2: Move the Pieces

  • Once all the pieces are placed, the first player moves one of its pieces.
  • A piece can move along a line to an adjacent point.
  • When a player forms a row of 3, they are to remove an opponent’s piece off the board.
  • Capturing/Removing a piece that is part of a row of 3 is not allowed.

A player loses when they are down to 2 pieces.