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My Top Threes

I was thinking about my favourite games and what my “Top Ten” list would look like. Spoiler Alert: I couldn’t come up with the list because there are so many games I like for different reasons.

So I decided to came up with a “Top Threes” list in different categories. Some categories are simply games produced by some of my favourite independent game publishers, others are just games I like to play with my kids. Not all are purely abstract strategy games, but many are. I hope you reading the list as much a I enjoyed putting it together.

Hnefatafl Variants

  1. Brandub (7x7)
  2. Tablut (9x9)
  3. Fetlar Hnefatafl

Historic/Ancient (not Hnefatafl)

  1. Backgammon
  2. Royal Game of Ur
  3. Go

Kid Friendly

  1. JamSumo by Cubiko Games
  2. Hippos and Crocodiles by Nestorgames
  3. Ice Dice by Looney Labs

Chess Variants (regional and/or modern)

  1. Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess)
  2. Plunder Chess
  3. Makruk

Logy Games

  1. Safari-Dual
  2. Most Honest
  3. Chameleon


  1. Sleepers
  2. Tetrarchia
  3. Garden of Mars

Vintage 3M Bookshelf Games

  1. Break Thru
  2. Twixt
  3. Feudal

Modern Abstract (after 1900’s)

  1. Tak
  2. Hive
  3. Camelot